Data Loss Prevention

To succeed in business companies must allow their employees to communicate freely. This means enabling the use of pervasive tools like email and emerging and evolving technologies, including collaborative and social-networking services like Facebook and Twitter.
But these modern communications channels pose significant risks to organisations that do nothing to protect themselves. From accidentally misdirected emails to intentional and malicious revelation of trade secrets by an aggrieved employee, your company’s customer data and intellectual property (IP) could be compromised at any time. In short, preventing data loss is a business-critical requirement.
Of course, it is easy to believe that implementing a DLP strategy will be both difficult and costly. Indeed, traditional DLP solutions have earned a reputation for taking forever to deploy: research cited in ‘The need for DLP now’ white paper shows that companies may be advised to plan a three-year roadmap to roll out DLP measures.


It doesn’t need to be that way. Clearswift’s trusted information-security products can be deployed in as few as 45 minutes. Moreover, there’s no need to waste time and money identifying where sensitive information resides in your organisation, because Clearswift’s innovative DLP technology detects and stops data leaks on the fly.


At the same time, your company will benefit from Clearswift’s renowned value and dependability. Tens of thousands of organisations around the world rely on Clearswift technology for protection at both web and email gateways.


Any and all information that enters and leaves your organisation electronically, via email or the web, is subject to deep analysis by Clearswift’s content-aware inspection engine. Even email attachments are examined – not just the filenames, but their content – while messages can be easily encrypted to ensure secure delivery and receipt.


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