Email Gateway Encryptions

Clearswift Email Encryption Methods

Clearswift provides a sophisticated range of encryption methods, from default TLS to a fully-fledged IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) offering, enabling the secure, two-way flow of information around your organisation.

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ISO CD image is for evaluation or customers who need to re-install their SECURE Email Gateway 3.5 operating system software. You may need to do this, for example, after a SECURE Email Gateway hard disk has been replaced.
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Given that the technological savvy of your intended recipient can often dictate which method of encryption you use, portal-based encryption is an easy-to-use method requiring no knowledge of encryption. Encrypted messages sent using the Secure Encryption Portal can be opened on all types of devices, from PCs to phones and tablets.

Using an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) hosted encryption platform in conjunction with a SECURE Email Gateway allows users to receive and reply to encrypted messages and attachments without the need for any special client software.

The benefits of Clearswift portal-based encryption include:

  • Push and pull delivery, i.e. the recipient can choose how they would like to receive their messages
  • Digital signatures
  • Plain text notifications are branded and trusted so recipients know it is not spam
  • Easiest to use for mobile devices
  • Robust pick-up center
  • Webtrust certified (no shortcuts)
  • Standards-based encryption
  • Interoperates with PGP
  • Create bulk keys, i.e. Admin can create their own encryption keys without paying a monthly fee to VeriSign for each key
  • Customise send and recipient groups, i.e. not everyone in the organisation will have access permissions to distribute confidential information
  • Compliance driven reporting machine

The SECURE Gateway supports international standards for OpenPGP and S/MIME message formats, enabling communications between recipients who use standard email clients such as Outlook, Outlook Express and Notes.

The SEG permits the use of S/MIME and OpenPGP to create policy-based secure connections between Gateways or from Gateways to recipients.

The benefits of Clearswift message encryption include:

  • Automatic encryption and decryption centrally and without user interaction
  • Full support of the S/MIME and OpenPGP standards
  • Ad hoc password-protected zip file to recipients not using encryption
  • Comprehensive signature verification and signing of emails with the user or the company key
  • Easy management and administration with centralised key management
  • Intelligent and flexible encoding scenarios using content and policy based encryption

For users who simply require encryption on messages between themselves and other organisations, the TLS capability that comes as standard on the SEG is ideal. TLS connections can be opportunistic, allowing encrypted messages sent in this mode to automatically seek out and favour a connection using TLS. Alternatively, the SEG can be configured so that connections between organisations have mandated encryption strengths.