Email Gateway Management & Reporting

The SECURE Email Gateway has been designed to reduce management costs. Application updates, including any operating system patches, are automatically downloaded onto the system and applied by the customer at their convenience. By using a hardened Linux operating system, customers may only have to apply a patch once or twice a year.

In terms of day to day management, the Gateway supports multiple administrators with different associated privileges, enabling them to complete specific tasks such as message management, reporting or monitoring without the risk of them changing settings they shouldn’t.

The Email Gateway’s logical user interface means that business managers can be involved in message workflow when violations occur.

Message management is simplified using separate quarantine areas for each violation, coupled with different admin roles, meaning that sensitive messages can only be managed by senior administrators and not the general help-desk team.

Built-in reports into operational aspects of the system, such as message volumes, spam, viruses, latency and policy violations can be tailored on the fly. These reported can be generated in HTML, PDF or CSV format. They can also be schedule to run and be emailed to appropriate recipients, saving on operator intervention.

Feature Benefit
Gateway Health Monitor
The Gateway Health center gives the ability to see overall system health,giving you an overview of how your system is currently operating.
Gateway Reporting
Reporting from your gateway is easily configurable to give you the detailed insight into how your users are utilising email while on the network.