Email Gateway Personal Message Manager

Most vendors simply allow end-users to release inbound spam messages. Clearswift takes this outdated approach to an enhanced level, empowering the right users to manage their own violations.
For example, a senior partner sending a large, urgent message late on a Friday night and long after the IT team have gone home could find it triggering the ‘Maximum Size Rule.’ But the message is important and needs to go out tonight…with some solutions, the partner has no choice but to track down someone in IT who can release the message, wasting time and effort. Clearswift’s solution eliminates this problem, allowing you to decide:

Examples of content rules include:

  • Who can release what violations, whether they are inbound or outbound.
  • Whether they do it via a browser interface, iPhone or hyperlink in a message.

The process is fully audited, with logs and email notifications if required. In cases where the system is used for spam management, a secure browser interface with single sign on (so users don’t have yet another password to remember), permits users to safely read messages and decide whether they want to receive that message. As well as spam reporting, management of trusted senders is also built into the system.
The PMM system is linked to Active Directory so that users can use their Windows credentials to authenticate. The Gateways can be configured to authenticate to multiple Active Directory servers for large enterprises with multiple forests.
For users who need to manage their mail on the move, the PMM Mobile Client interface for iPhone and iPad is available from the iTunes App Store.