Email Gateway Technical Specifications

Deployment Options

Soft Customer can choose to deploy on server hardware of their choice. Support for a wide range of models from Dell, IBM, HP, Fujitsu and Hitachi. Performance will vary based on deployment platform.
Virtualised Customer can choose to deploy on VMware or Hyper-V. Functionality remains the same as a physical appliance. Performance will vary based on deployment platform.
Packaged Pre-built. Customer chooses size of unit to match their requirements. Customer can mix and match hardware as appropriate to suit required performance.

Packaged Hardware Options

Model Size Processor Disks Memory Raid Power Supply User Count Required message per hour rate
E500 1U DUAL CORE 500 MB 4 GB NO 1 Up to 500 <20,000
E2000 1U QUAD CORE 2X 146GB 6 GB RAID 2 500+ <90,000

*For higher performance environments you should consider increasing the number of processors and disks.

All Models Up to nine email appliances in one common ‘peer’ group.
N+1 resilience By peering an additional support appliance.
Getting Started Guide Seven-step deployment guide, typical deployment in less than 45 minutes.
Evaluation Guide Step-by-step guide for evaluation of key Clearswift Email Appliance features
Key Components
Operating system (OS) Penetration tested, hardened Clearswift Linux
User interface (UI) Web-based UI offering intuitive roles-based management
MIMEsweeper™ Our content aware filtering and policy management, reporting, logging and auditing engine with full lexical scanning and lexical expression building.
Email Encryption Policy based email encryption using industry standard PGP, S/MIME and Ad-hoc secure password based methods to send messages securely with no encryption experience
TRUSTmanager™ Connectivity and sender reputation anti-spam filter
SpamLogic™ Multi-engine anti-spam filtering
ThreatLab™ Live Pro-active anti-spam signature updates and new malware protection
ThreatLab™ managed Built-in lists for screening common business terms, profanity and compliance terms
Kaspersky anti-virus Award-winning anti-virus and malware engine consistently independently verified as one of the leading solutions
Zero-hour Anti-malware Pre-emptive blocking of suspicious messages based on traffic pattern behaviour, works in conjunction with built-in AV to provide additional Anti-malware security
ImageLogic Detect pornographic image content as well as detect corporate defined images