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Critical Information Health Checks

Why a Critical Information Health Check?

There has never been a better time for your clients to undertake a Critical Information Health Check. Data breach news stories hit the media on a daily basis and majority are linked to employees. In fact, recent research showed that 75% of security breaches come from within a business’s own networks. With the new EU Data Protection Regulations almost upon us, those responsible for the security and protection of critical information at their organisation need to be 100% certain there’s no gaps in their existing system.

How long does it take?

From deployment, the Health Check will run between 2 and 3 weeks at an agreed time with your client.

What’s involved?

ARgon for Email is a non-intrusive, simple to install add-on to your clients existing email gateway that makes visible all the email communications containing sensitive data that are crossing their organisation’s boundaries. Effectively, ARgon will ‘health check’ the security of an organisations’ critical information by highlighting what data is ‘leaking’ through gaps in their system.

How is ARgon for Email deployed?

ARgon for Email in ‘Monitor Mode’ is quick and easy to deploy. In fact, it can be up and running on a client site – virtually or
physically – in under an hour! No matter what email gateway your client is using or how their network is configured, ARgon for Email can be easily inserted to analyse content for sensitive information without affecting mail flow or business operations, and with minimal time and resource from your clients.

What’s the Outcome?

At the conclusion of the ‘Health Check’, we’ll deliver a custom, co-branded (with you) report. The report will include detailed information about the Health Check including communications with sensitive data attached that contravened policies. It will also offer solutions to enhance your clients information security processes, and most importantly, prevent further loss of critical information.

Clearswift Health Checks

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